Jul 312015

This is information war, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar told RT, commenting on John Kerry’s attack against RT. If you have an alternative script like RT you are banned, because they are afraid, he added.


US Secretary of State John Kerry criticized RT for its coverage of the Ukraine crisis on Thursday, calling it a “propaganda bullhorn,” adding that Russia was behind the unrest in Ukraine without providing any evidence.

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Nov 152014

Jasmin KosubekLIVE um 19:30 Uhr dabei sein – die erste Episode von DER FEHLENDE PART

Von einer “Jedes Ding hat zwei Seiten” Perspektive…  hier bietet RT Deutsch jeden der sich über den quatsch vom westlichen Media wundert eine tolle Abwechselung. Die Möglichkeit um alles von verschiedenen Seiten zu betrachten, ist heutzutage wichtiger wie zuvor. Leider wird durch politischen kontrollierten Medien vieles nicht berichtet, und was die Agenda dient endlos wiederholt. Continue reading »

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Sep 062014

Scotland PreparesIn his 2011 book ‘Vanished Kingdoms: The History of Half-Forgotten Europe’, the historian Norman Davies writes: “That the United Kingdom will collapse is a foregone conclusion. Sooner or later, all states do collapse… Only the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ are mysteries of the future.” Continue reading »

Aug 312014

Bearer of bad newsUkraine’s military is engaged in fierce fighting in the east of the country. Meanwhile, a convoy of humanitarian aid from Russia is heading toward the border, presenting a diplomatic headache for Kyiv, which remains deeply suspicious of Moscow’s motives. For its part, NATO reckons that the aid could provide a pretext for invasion by Russian troops. There are, after all, some 20,000 Russian soldiers massed at the border. Continue reading »

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