Oct 222011

BREAKING: The Greatest Heist in World History… Exposed. Discover How the Largest Pile of Gold Ever Accumulated Vanished Into the Private Hoards of Modern-Day Robber Barons. These thieves knew exactly what they were doing…

To access the bank vault, they cut a hole through six feet of concrete and steel, entering the floor at the precise location where they could avoid security cameras.

And while they made dozens of trips to haul their loot from the vault, they didn’t set off a single alarm.

The breach wasn’t even discovered until Monday morning, when bank employees returned to work. By that time, the thieves had disappeared without a trace.

When the police arrived, a team of specialists carefully entered the tunnel in the floor. What they discovered was an astounding feat of engineering.

The passage was supported with wooden walls, lit by strip lighting and cooled by an air-conditioning system. It led to a commercial building over a block away, where the gang had operated a “landscaping business” to disguise the tons of earth they excavated.

Police estimated that the operation took weeks and the team was composed of experts in every aspect of the job.

So what was the payoff?

Bank officials estimate that the gang made off with more than three tons of cash, totaling almost $80,000,000 U.S. dollars!

Their haul could have been bigger, but the thieves bypassed millions of dollars in new currency, taking only older bills that were due to be destroyed. The bank had no record of the serial numbers.

This robbery happened at the central bank in Fortaleza, Brazil, in 2005. It was one of the most ingenious and audacious crimes ever committed.

In fact, the mainstream media calls it the largest peacetime bank robbery in world history.

But it wasn’t even close…

The Greatest Heist in World History
Wasn’t Pulled by a Gang of Thieves in the Dark…

In the next few minutes, you will learn about a heist that was infinitely more profitable than the $80 million these criminals stole from the Brazilian central bank.

In fact, it involves the theft of an entire nation’s wealth — at one point totaling more than 702 million ounces of gold!

You are about to discover how the gold reserves of the American people were looted from one of the most secure vaults ever constructed.

But this vault wasn’t penetrated by a crack team of experts using power tools and operating under the cloak of darkness. This heist was perpetrated by criminals wearing tailored suits and representing positions of power.

This is easily one of the most important events in modern financial history. Yet, not one investor in a thousand is aware of what you’re about to learn.

This information is critical to your wealth — and even your freedom.

So, let’s return to what I believe is…

The Financial Crime of the Century

In the next five minutes, you will discover:

  • How the American people came to possess the largest treasure of gold ever accumulated on Earth…
  • How an international cartel of bankers colluded with corrupt government agents to transfer this gold into private hands, and
  • How the U.S. Treasury has steadfastly refused to audit our gold reserves for more than 50 years, as required by law.

You are also going to learn the probable answers to these critical questions:

  • Was IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn set up for his knowledge of crimes at Fort Knox?
  • Could a new “gold standard” seal America’s status as a third-world country, dependent on the favors of foreigners?
  • Were thousands of “good delivery” gold bars in Fort Knox swapped with tungsten-filled counterfeits by high-level criminals with “inside” connections?

The information in this critical report will probably make you very angry…

But It Could Also Make You Very Rich!

I can understand if the idea of high-level fraud and corruption makes you angry and frustrated. But these emotions don’t serve you… and they certainly won’t put a dollar in your pocket.

That’s why I have always followed the motto…

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Rich!”

And that’s also why I have a lot more to share with you today than how your pockets have been picked by a criminal cartel of “banksters” already worth trillions.

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You will also discover why the recent spike in gold (and silver) prices is still just the beginning of what will become an investment “mania” of historic proportions.

Plus you will learn the secret government formula that shows the true value of gold is at least $10,363 — and why it’s an even better value today than it was 10 years ago!

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But first, please allow me to introduce myself…

Your Personal Escort to Outstanding Profits

My name is Steven Orlowski and I have been in the financial field for nearly two decades.

For much of that time, I was a true insider, working for one of the largest money-management firms in the world. I had the good fortune to work with and learn from some of the world’s most brilliant investment minds.

But I also had a front-row seat to the hypocrisy, greed and self-serving nature of the financial services industry. I witnessed the collusion with Washington.

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the big Wall Street firms are not there for the benefit of the average investor. They only look out for themselves!

That’s why I ditched the industry and started my own company to manage money with investors’ best interests in mind.

That is also why I recently teamed up with Insiders Strategy Group in Baltimore, Md. — a team of ex-Wall Street insiders who are working together to expose Washington’s dirty deeds… and reveal Wall Street’s most prized moneymaking strategies.

But nothing I have investigated over the course of my career compares to the scale of what I’ve uncovered about the American people’s gold at Fort Knox.

So, let’s start at the beginning…

Under Executive Order: All Americans Required
to Deliver Their Gold to the Federal Reserve

In April of 1933, on the grounds of fighting the Great Depression, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an Executive Order banning the private ownership of gold bullion.

Under threats of severe fines and imprisonment, the American people were forced to deliver their gold to Federal Reserve Banks, in exchange for notes produced from nothing.

No congressman would admit to writing the bill and it wasn’t even in print when they voted on it!

Roosevelt claimed that he never read it and his Treasury Secretary simply stated that it was “what the experts wanted.”

So Who Were “The Experts” Who Wanted Americans to Turn Over Their Gold?

They were the international banking establishment…

The same plutocracy that President Andrew Jackson referred to as “a den of vipers and thieves” and who Thomas Jefferson said was “more dangerous than standing armies” and posed a “deadly hostility” to the ideals of freedom.

Of course, these same “experts” are reported to have shipped THEIR gold out of the country, well before they cajoled, bribed and probably blackmailed our legislators and president into confiscating it from the American people.

And if you compare the words spoken in Congress during that time, I think you will notice a striking similarity to the events of today:

In 1933, during the debate over the Emergency Banking Act, Bertrand H. Snell (R-NY) stated:

“The house is burning down, and the President of the United States says this is the way to put out the fire. To me at this time there is only one answer to this question, and that is to give the President what he demands and says is necessary…”

In 2008, referring to debate over the $700 billion TARP bailout for banks and financial companies, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) stated:

“Many of us were told in private that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple of thousand the second day and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America…”

Senator James Inhofe named Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs, as the source of these threats.

Before we go on, it’s important to understand that…

The Bankers Don’t Despise Gold…
They Just Despise When You Own It

Over the years, many “gold bugs” have proclaimed the financial establishment “hates” gold.

But this is a dangerous misconception.

Is Gold Money?

Ben Bernanke (2011)


“Gold is money and nothing else.”
J.P. Morgan (1913)

You see, the financial establishment doesn’t hate gold at all. They fully understand the value of gold as money (despite Ben Bernanke’s recent protests to the contrary in congressional testimony).

They know that gold is the most trusted and reliable means of saving wealth. That’s why they want to own it and don’t want you to have it.

Gold is the one currency that can’t be devalued by irresponsible politicians or destroyed by dishonest bankers.

It is the protector of the common man, as it represents ownership with no liability. Gold will always be linked to economic freedom.

That’s why totalitarian governments — and despotic bankers — have opposed the private ownership of gold.

In fact, Roosevelt wasn’t alone. Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler also banned the private ownership of gold at the outset of their dictatorships.

But Roosevelt didn’t stop at confiscating the people’s gold. To expunge the evidence from history, the coins were melted down, turned into bars and transferred to…

The U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox:
The Most Secure Vault Ever Constructed

The bullion depository at Fort Knox, Ky., was built in 1936 to store the vast gold holdings of the U.S. Treasury.

It was the most secure building of its kind ever constructed, with a central core vault located underground, surrounded by granite walls, and protected by a blast-proof door weighing 22 tons.

The location was chosen because it was inside an Army base and far away from “coastal cities vulnerable to enemy attack.”

And it wasn’t just the gold confiscated from the American people that was stored here. Since the fixed rate of $35 per ounce was higher than the market price at the time, foreign citizens and central banks were happy to trade their gold for dollars.

Gold poured into the U.S. Treasury, and by 1949, Fort Knox was filled with more than 702 million ounces.

This was equal to 70% of the entire world’s gold supply — the largest gold treasure ever accumulated in one place!

But the centralization of all this gold was just the first step in a long-term plan to transfer it from the public Treasury into private hands.

And it didn’t take long for the tides to turn…

Gold Begins to Flow Out of Fort Knox

As the Federal Reserve began printing an ever-increasing number of dollars, informed speculators knew that the fixed rate of $35 an ounce for gold had become a bargain.

Although Americans were still banned from owning it, wealthy foreigners began redeeming their paper dollars for U.S. gold bullion.

But the real hemorrhaging of America’s reserves didn’t begin until 1961…

That’s when the Federal Reserve and seven European central banks initiated “the London Gold Pool” — a coordinated scheme to defend the “official” price of $35 an ounce by dumping gold on the London market.

In reality, it was an “official” excuse to drain the public Treasury of valuable gold in exchange for worthless paper (printed by the bankers themselves).

According to government records, hundreds of millions of ounces of the people’s gold flowed from Fort Knox into private hands during these years — for just $35 an ounce.

But that’s just the “official” story.

The truth is much worse…

“Three Hundred Truckloads of Bullion
Were Simply Driven Away…”

Beginning in the 1960s, concerned Americans (including numerous insiders) began claiming that the U.S. government was taking far more gold from the public coffers than they admitted.

One of these patriotic Americans was Frank Chelf, an 11-term Congressman whose home district included Fort Knox.

For years, Chelf went head to head with the Treasury. He charged that the government was secretly removing gold from Fort Knox by the truckload in the middle of the night and hiding it from the public.

And he had eyewitnesses to prove it:

“I had people who were posted who are friends of mine. They were telling me in the Treasury that they were not taking the gold out, but I had friends who told me the hour and minute when every load went out. They’ve taken a lot of gold out of there they won’t admit.”

In the 1970s a wealthy Ohio industrialist, named Edward Durell, made it his life’s mission to publicize the looting of America’s gold reserves.

Durell was able to obtain an official document from the U.S. Mint, detailing more than a decade of shipments from Fort Knox.

But when he compared this record to a story that had appeared in a Kentucky newspaper about trucks carrying gold out of Fort Knox (along with pictures of the tractor trailers), he discovered that particular shipment was missing from the “official” list.

He had caught Mint and Treasury officials red-handed. The Treasury was forced to admit that this SINGLE shipment contained 1,762,381 ounces of gold.

At today’s price of around $1,850 this one shipment cost the American people nearly THREE BILLION DOLLARS!

The Treasury called it a “mistake.” But it defies belief that nearly 2 million ounces of gold were loaded onto four tractor trailers and driven away without an entry in the official record.

And how many more unlisted shipments were there?

There were almost certainly many, many more…

But the financial elite weren’t satisfied with just some of America’s gold… they wanted it all.

And they found their mark in U.S. President, Lyndon Baines Johnson…

The Bankers Pull a Fast One on the Commander in Chief

Lyndon Johnson is well known to be one of the most unscrupulous presidents to occupy the Oval Office. After all, we now know that he lied about the phony Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the Vietnam War.

But in addition to his corruption, he was also thought by many to be rather unintelligent.

And the bankers used this to their advantage…

According to inside sources, LBJ’s financial “advisors” convinced him that he could maintain the $35 price and crush the speculators in gold, by flooding the London market with bullion.

In a secret deal, undisclosed to the American people, Johnson is said to have pledged 400 million ounces — the United States’ entire remaining reserves of “good delivery” gold — to teach the speculators a lesson.

But it was Johnson who was played for a fool…

His advisors were working for the wealthy “speculators” (the banking interests). They knew the gold was worth far more than $35 an ounce and they had the resources to absorb every ounce!

In the decade that followed — after the largest pile of gold ever accumulated had been transferred from the public Treasury into private hoards — the price soared from $35 to $850… an increase of 2,329%.

Today, the market price of gold is more than 4,600% higher than it was in 1971.

And if this were the end of the story, it would be the biggest financial crime in history.

But it gets worse. Much worse…

Greenspan’s Grand Deception: The “Strong Dollar Policy”

Around 1995, the U.S. Treasury began promoting a “Strong Dollar Policy.”

But just like so many government program with a catchy name, the truth was just the opposite.

The true goal of the program was to pump up the economy and juice the markets by increasing the money supply and lowering interest rates. In other words, the “strong dollar policy” was an illusion.

It was a grand deception cooked up by Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and a young Tim Geithner at the U.S. Treasury, along with Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve.

However, their scheme could only work on one condition…

History clearly shows that as real interest rates fall gold will rise. In fact, Summers had written a thesis on the subject.

These men — and the shadowy figures pulling their strings — knew it would be impossible to maintain the illusion of a “strong dollar” if gold began to soar.

For the plan to work, they had to keep a lid on gold. It is no coincidence that the Fed’s “gold leasing program” began during this time.

Here’s how it worked…

The central bank would lease gold from their reserves to the biggest banks on Wall Street at an interest rate of about 1% per year. The banks would then sell this gold on the open market and invest the proceeds at a much higher rate of return.

The huge sales of gold would help suppress the price.

And Wall Street banks had access to the cheapest borrowed money on Earth — which they leveraged into billions of dollars in virtually risk-free profits.

In testimony before Congress in 1998, Alan Greenspan not only implicated himself in the scheme, he even admitted the purpose was to manipulate the price of gold, when he said:

“Central banks stand ready to lease increasing amounts of gold should the price rise.”

Obviously, the Fed needed a LOT of gold to keep the price in check and hide the mountain of money that was being printed, so the question we must ask is…

Where Did the Federal Reserve Get More Than
10,000 Tons of Gold to Flood the Market?

“… At any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. It was very difficult to get the gold price under control but we have now succeeded. The U.S. Fed was very active in getting the gold price down.”

Edward A. J. George
Governor of the Bank of England

Audits by some gold market experts suggest that more gold was leased into the financial system than the banks even had in their official reserves!

So, where could all of this gold have come from?

We know that Fort Knox didn’t have the ammunition.

In fact, a letter written by the director of the U.S. General Accounting Office admitted that more than 95% of the “good delivery” gold once stored in Fort Knox was gone!

But a recent story may provide the unsettling answer…

Was the Remaining Gold in Fort Knox
Swapped With Counterfeit Bars?

In October of 2009, sources inside China revealed that an Asian gold depository received 60 metric tons of gold, consisting of more than 5,600 “good delivery” gold bars.

The Hong Kong bankers who received the shipment tested the bars to guarantee their purity and weight. What they discovered was that many of these bars had only an outer coating of gold.

The centers were filled with tungsten — a cheap metal with the same weight and density of gold — making them indistinguishable from real gold bars by size and weight alone.

And wouldn’t you know it…

The Chinese sources claimed that the stamps on the bars showed that they originated in the United States and had been stored in Fort Knox!

If these charges are true, then…

The Perpetrators of This Crime Go All the Way to the Top!

While tungsten costs only around $20 a pound, this scam would have still required a huge

Each bar would still contain a significant amount of real gold. And plating is a complex process, so a high-tech refinery would be required to manufacture the counterfeits.

“Both the Chinese government and MI6 now confirm reports that much of the gold sold by the Federal Reserve Board over the past decade is in fact gold-plated tungsten.”

Benjamin Fulford
Former Asian Bureau Chief
Forbes Magazine

But here’s the real kicker…

To have any chance of slipping the bars into the international financial system would require inside connections all the way to the top of the Treasury and central banks.

And according to metals analyst Rob Kirby, that’s exactly what Chinese intelligence believes to be the case…

According to his report, the scheme was perpetrated during the Clinton administration, with Rubin and Summers at the Treasury and Greenspan at the Fed.

It’s alleged that nearly 1.5 million tungsten blanks were covertly shipped from Eastern Europe to a sophisticated refinery in the U.S., where they received gold plating and stamps of “authenticity.”

From there, the bars were transferred to Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where they began to enter the international market as part of the gold price suppression scheme.

How much could this scam have been worth?

The total value of 1.5 million counterfeit 400 oz. gold bars at today’s gold prices would be $1.1 TRILLION!

“The U.S. and Europe have always suppressed the rising price of gold… They don’t want to see other countries turning to gold reserves instead of the U.S. dollar or euro. Therefore, suppressing the price of gold is very beneficial for the U.S. in maintaining the dollar’s role as the international reserve currency.”

Chinese Newspaper
World News Journal

Now, you can see why I call this the “Financial Crime of the Century.”

And when you include the hundreds of millions of ounces that were almost certainly shipped secretly from Fort Knox, the scale of this crime is beyond belief!

But don’t worry, because in just a moment, I’ll show how YOU could become beyond wealthy as a result!

It’s no surprise that this story hasn’t gained traction in the controlled mainstream media.

And while the circumstantial evidence is significant, I admit that there is still no “smoking gun” evidence in the public domain.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time that tungsten-filled gold bars were discovered…

  • The New York Times reports that Austrian authorities seized a cache of tungsten-filled gold bars as far back as 1983.
  • In 2010, a German TV station reported that the world’s largest private refinery had received a counterfeit bar from an unidentified bank.
  • And tungsten-filled bars were also discovered by Vietnamese gold merchants just this year.

Were these Two International Bankers
Set Up for Character Assassination for Their
Knowledge of Crimes at Fort Knox?

If you follow the financial news, you’re almost certainly familiar with Dominique Strauss-Khan, former head of the International Monetary Fund. But “DSK” is more widely known these days for his arrest on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in Manhattan. The case later fell apart, but not before Strauss-Khan’s reputation was destroyed.

But DSK wasn’t the only banker arrested on such charges. In fact, his good friend, Mahmoud Abdel Omar, former chairman of one of Egypt’s largest banks, was also arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a maid at a luxurious hotel in Manhattan — just two weeks later!

What are the chances that two intelligent, multimillionaire bankers — 62 and 74 years old, respectively — who also happen to be close confidants, would BOTH decide to assault hotel maids?

A better question: What do these two men know that might cause them to be set up for character assassination?

Vladimir Putin was one of the first to jump to DSK’s defense, claiming on the official Kremlin website that Strauss-Kahn, “may be the victim of a shadowy conspiracy to force him out as head of the International Monetary Fund.”

There was also a report in the European Union Times that the Russian Federal Security Service believes DSK was framed because he had discovered that U.S. gold reserves in Fort Knox had disappeared and been replaced with counterfeit bars.

He allegedly grew suspicious as the U.S. Treasury repeatedly stalled on their obligation to deliver 191 tonnes of gold to the IMF to fund an international reserve asset, called “Special Drawing Rights.”

The article claims that “rogue elements” within the CIA provided DSK with the information and that he had contacted his friend with the documentation — before they were BOTH arrested for assaulting hotel maids!

Does the U.S. Treasury Have Something to Hide?
They Sure Do Act Like It!

The manipulation of the gold price and tungsten-filled gold bars, allegedly received by the Chinese, are recent developments.

However, the quantity and the quality of America’s gold held in Fort Knox have remained under a cloud of doubt for more decades! In fact, the Los Angeles Times covered the story as far back as 1974.

The government could have easily dispelled these doubts at any time.

And yet, despite the fact that Title 31 of the U.S. Code REQUIRES an annual physical inventory, the United States Mint and the Treasury Department have steadfastly REFUSED to allow a legitimate independent audit of Fort Knox.

Of course, most government assets are audited every year. However, an audit of our nation’s “bank account” has been repeatedly denied for decades!

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, check your pulse!

The last audit of Fort Knox happened during the Eisenhower administration in 1953, when the American public demanded to know that the gold confiscated from them was still there.

U.S. Treasury: “Just Trust Us”

“We know where it is. We know how much there is. We know it’s there. None of it has been removed”

Eric Thorson
Treasury Inspector General

But even that wasn’t much of an “audit”:

  • The Treasury made the rules
  • No outside private experts were allowed
  • The entire “audit” lasted just seven days
  • Only 5% of the gold was actually tested

Since then, there have been a few “inspections.”

But the American people have NEVER been granted a complete, independent audit of our sovereign gold reserves.

At every turn, the government has answered the calls for proof with lies and evasions. They have refused to provide honest answers and steadfastly denied our legal right to an audit.

The only conclusion a rational person could make is that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have something to hide, but…

You Deserve to Know the Truth…
That’s Why I’d Like to Send You One of the Most Critical
Financial Books in the World Today — Absolutely Free!

You deserve to know the truth about what happened to the American people’s gold held in Fort Knox. And you certainly haven’t gotten the truth from the government.

In fact, all we’ve received from Washington, D.C., are evasions, incompetence and stonewalling — despite the fact that federal law requires an annual audit.

But over the years, there have been various pieces of critical evidence that paint an accurate picture of what has happened to America’s sovereign gold reserves.

And the full details are covered in a groundbreaking new book called Good as Gold? How We Lost Our Gold Reserves and Destroyed the Dollar.

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Good as Gold? was written by Chris Weber.

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Since then, Chris has multiplied his net worth many times over.

He has been an advocate for honest money and honest government since he was a teenager. And along the way, he met some of the leading crusaders who were trying to make the Fort Knox story known to the public.

Chris wrote this book to bring their research and discoveries to a wider audience.

The proof that’s in Good as Gold? includes only official documents and private correspondence from the U.S. government, stretching from 1934 to 1987.

In other words, he lets the official responses speak for themselves and includes not a single allegation that would not stand up in a court of law. That’s how carefully it was written.

For the first time, the government’s own responses to questions about how much gold is left and what the quality of that gold is can be found all in one place.

This is nothing less than the official story of how America lost its gold, exposing decades of government corruption and backroom deals with powerful bankers.

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It’s clear that the gold bull market isn’t waiting on the truths contained in this book.

But once these truths are revealed, you may hardly believe how high gold could climb…

$5,000 an Ounce? $10,000 an Ounce? Even Higher?

The last major bull market saw gold rise from $35 to $850 an ounce — a 2,329% increase.

If gold follows a similar trajectory in this bull market, it would rise from a low of $252 to more than $6,125 an ounce.

But when you consider the TRILLIONS of freshly printed dollars that will be chasing the tiny gold market in the coming years, this scenario could be quite conservative.

“What powers gold is not a fad investment, such as the dot-coms. What drives gold is the basic human desire to protect the purchasing power of one’s savings…

The rise in gold’s price has coincided with the explosion of the total of U.S. government debt and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet assets.

John Doody
Gold Stock Analyst

Consider this:

At the pinnacle of the last bull market in 1980, the U.S. “domestic monetary base” was $200 billion.

Image: Arrow

According to the Federal Reserve, today’s monetary base is $2.71 trillion.

That’s an increase of 1,255%.

If gold were to rise by the same multiple it would currently be valued at $11,517.

That might sound outrageous, but don’t trip over the “price.” In the investment world, price means nothing… value is everything!

And according to QB Asset Management, gold could easily be valued this high.

They calculate the “Shadow Gold Price” by dividing the U.S. monetary base by the Treasury’s official gold holdings — the same methodology used to value paper money to gold under the Bretton Woods system.

And according to this “official” formula an ounce of gold would bring $10,363 today if the US dollar were still pegged to gold.

These figures show just how much inflation is already baked into the financial system.

And gold is a TINY market compared to the greater financial universe.

  • What will happen when mutual funds decide to allocate 4-5% to precious metals?
  • And what will happen when U.S. corporations (which are sitting on about $1.8 trillion in cash) decide they need to hedge some of their currency risk?

If just 1% of the money that’s held in stocks and bonds migrates to gold, the metal could easily soar past $10,000.

And if you invest in the opportunities I’ll share with you in a moment, this could make you a millionaire several times over, because…

The Companies That Mine and Explore for
Gold and Silver Are the Bargain of the Decade!

During a bull market in precious metals, the gains in mining stocks can be astronomical.

In fact, we have already seen big leverage in the current bull market…

Between November of 2001 and March of 2008 the price of gold rose 263%.

During the same period of time the AMEX Gold Bugs Index (HUI) rose 1,350%.

That’s leverage of more than 5-to-1…

But this long-standing relationship was disrupted when the markets crashed in 2008.

This is a MAJOR disconnect… and it’s one that could make you RICH!

This chart shows just how wide the spread has become…

This trend will not last forever. Soon, the tide will change. The day will come when precious metals stocks outperform the metals.

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Most of the world knows that America is broke… but they have no idea just how broke we may be. Despite our crushing debt, the United States supposedly holds far more gold than any other country.

But What if Our “Official” Gold Reserves Are a Lie?
What if the Emperor Has No Clothes?

We already know that the dollar is backed by nothing but the hollow promises of politicians and the blood and sweat of future taxpayers.

However, there is still some faith that the U.S. Treasury is home to the world’s largest gold supply. But what if the official numbers have been fabricated?

What if the world discovers that the bullion banks don’t have nearly the amount of physical gold that they say they do?

The answers to these questions may come sooner than you think…

  • In fact, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez recently recalled hundreds of tons of gold held in European and American banks back to Venezuela. He wants his country’s gold to sit where he can see it and touch it.

Do these vaults have the gold on hand to make good on his request? Will this be the trigger that reveals the shady goings-on in the precious metals markets?

Fort Knox Gold —
The Plot Thickens

“… it is no longer a question of whether there is a discrepancy between the figures and the physical reality but what the size of the gap is.”

The Financial Times

We don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but eventually the truth will prevail.

And when the truth about what has been going on in the physical gold (and silver) markets is revealed, the dollar would be destroyed, while untold wealth is lost… and gained.

That’s why I pleaded with my publisher to make Chris Weber’s critical book Good as Gold? How We Lost Our Gold Reserves and Destroyed the Dollar available to you FREE of charge!

It’s imperative that you’re aware of the likelihood that our sovereign gold reserves have been looted. But I also want you to make serious money from the crisis that’s on the horizon. I want you and your family to be on the positive side of this equation.

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The Real Fort Knox: Build Your Own
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This will tell you the value of the company’s gold in the ground.

And by this metric, the American company I have called “The Real Fort Knox” is one of the most undervalued gold mining companies on the planet is sitting on more than 60 million ounces of gold valued at just $321 an ounce!

Not to mention the company’s massive silver reserves and the fact that its assets are found in the safest and most mining-friendly jurisdictions worldwide.

Earnings for this company have been going through the roof while they have lowered their costs relentlessly. That’s why profit margins have climbed 361% since 2005!

This company is so well managed, I believe they could turn a profit even if the price of gold fell by half!

I fully expect that investors who take a position today could see gains of 50% in the next 24 months… and several times your money in the years ahead!

In my report, “The Real Fort Knox: Build Your Own Private Gold Hoard for Just $321 an Ounce,” I will tell you everything you need to know about this stock and exactly how to play it!

And that’s not all…

I also just put the finishing touches on a report called “The Gold 3.0 Profit Guide.”

Global population growth is already putting enormous pressure on natural resources across the board, including gold. And yet, some 500 million Indians and Chinese will enter the middle class in the next decade or so.

Planet Earth is simply running out of affordable resources and these pressures will only continue to grow.

In “The Gold 3.0 Profit Guide,” I show you five indisputable reasons precious metals (and resources in general) will continue to be the place to be in the years ahead. I’ll show you why gold will almost certainly pass the $3,000 mark and silver will sell for $100 or more.

And most importantly, I share four of the most explosive gold and silver plays in the world today, including:

  • A dramatically undervalued mid-tier gold producer with more than 20 exploration projects and eight operating gold mines around the world.
  • A young silver company with projects in one of the richest silver regions on the planet… it’s no wonder this company has posted six consecutive years of aggressive production and resource growth.

The four companies that are profiled in this report are in outstanding positions to reward you with big gains in the coming months, and I reveal everything you need to know, including:

  • Details about their management teams and why they’re head and shoulders above most of the competition.
  • Where the companies’ producing mines and exploration projects are and how they are prepared to provide BIG leverage to gold, silver and other resources.
  • The financial details that prove just how undervalued these companies are compared to their peers.
  • And the potential catalysts that could send each one of these stocks soaring!

So, How Do I Claim These Valuable Reports?

That’s easy!

Both reports — “The Real Fort Knox” and “The Gold 3.0 Guide” — are yours absolutely FREE — when you take a NO-RISK trial subscription to my investment newsletter, Safe Haven Investor.

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